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WATCH-THAT-LABEL.com is a content driven, highly specialized digital platform dedicated to the ONES TO WATCH.

We are the insider’s Talent-Guide for fashion, lifestyle, trends & more, acting as a Directory & Reference when it comes to “under the radar” personalities and new talents to watch.

On a weekly basis we present the next “rising superstars” in fashion and art as well as introduce architects, models and others that you have to know right now. We travel the world to find who & what is to watch and present them exclusively to you on Watch-That-Label.com (for more news follow us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook).



WATCH-THAT-LABEL is not only a digital platform but also a service provider, working for businesses in the fashion & lifestyle industry as well as acting as a shopping platform for customers and individuals, offering a wide range of B-TO-B and B-TO-C services:



+ Fashion consulting for department and multi-brand stores


=> We assist in your buying activities to:

- grow your existing customer base / attract a new customer base

- ensure you react in time to your customers growing & changing demands (future-mapping)

- give you the opportunity to be a first-mover and early adopter in regards to fashion, lifestyle and trends (exclusivity deals)

=> We collaborate with relevant Bloggers and Opinion Leaders to gain more awareness for your business

=> We offer access to a substantial fashion and lifestyle network


+ Brand building and consulting

You want to launch a fashion label? Think about expanding into new markets? Or simply want to attract more and new customers? We help you to build your brand and offer the following services:

=> Consulting (we develop your brand identity as well as your marketing, advertising and social media strategies)

=> Creative (we develop your logo, corporate identity, homepage and more)

=> Design & Online (we execute your marketing, advertising and social media strategies)

=> Go International (we develop and execute your expansion strategy)



We all fear this one moment when we enter the event of the year, wearing the most expensive dress and see this other woman wearing exactly the same one. It has cost a fortune but right then and there it has lost all its magic because someone else made the same choice”.

We at WATCH-THAT-LABEL make sure that this scenario will never happen. We offer an exclusive personal shopping service, which is tailor-made for you. Through WATCH-THAT-LABEL you have access to “under the radar” high-end designers and collections no one else has. You can pre-order directly from the convenience of your living room, the catwalk or the lookbook, get custom made pieces and on top of all have a personal stylist and fashion scout 24/7.

For every occasion and event we will find you the perfect outfit – we will do all the work for you to make sure you are shining as bright as you can!” Jil Wensauer, Founder