American-born and London-based designer Shana Seligson founded her accessories label in 2004 after graduating form Central Saint Martins School. Since then her jewel-like creations have become the red carpet favorite among celebrities and jet-setters. Her evening handbags are made of the finest materials, such as pythons skins, enamels and silk and are handmade in Italy. The Shana London collections pay homage to the late 70s and early 80s – the more glitter & glam the better!



Imagine this: Diana Ross, Grace Jones, Bianca Jagger and Cher are rocking the dance floor of Studio 54. They are surrounded by four tons of glitter that have been dumped on the floor for the New Year’s Eve party (event planner Robert Isabell and club owner Ian Schrager actually did this stunt in the late 70s). It is the night of all nights and you are about to get ready to join the legendary Studio 54 crowd. What would you wear? Our bet: a Halston jumpsuit and a Shana London bag…


MEET SHANA – interview 

WTL: Which three words sum up what Shana stands for?

SS: Chic. Classic. Practical.

WTL: What kind of woman is wearing your bags?

SS: Actually, there is no particular type of woman or customer. Shana designs are as much loved by older, glamorous ladies as they are by young girls. My bags can be worn in so many different ways, by so many different women!

WTL: In a dream world, whom would you want to see wearing your designs?

SS: To be honest, I do not have someone specific in mind. I love to see women wearing a Shana London bag, either walking down the street or on a red carpet. Wearing jeans or a gown. It just feels great to see my designs in real life on real women!

WTL: If you could describe your label as a celebrity. Who would it be?

SS: Lady Gaga – wild sparkly and free.

WTL: If you could describe your label as an animal. Which one would it be?

SS: A peacock – elegant with stunning colors!

WTL: How important are trends?

SS: My bags are timeless, so it is more about the style and colour and materials used.

WTL: What style advice would you give?

SS: Always try to wear practical but chic pieces that are timeless. But most importantly: be comfortable in your clothes and you will shine!

WTL: What has inspired you to become an accessories designer?

SS: Studying at Central St Martins. Meeting so many different people, from different cultures, travelling and going out. Im inspired to make something I would want to wear…

WTL: What has inspired you on your journey?

SS: Old Hollywood and the Disco era are very inspiring for me.

WTL: Did you ever collaborate with another designer?

SS: Yes, with Issa. We designed their first handbag collection, which was a fun, fresh capsule collection.

WTL: What was the best advice someone ever gave you?

SS: Follow your dream!

WTL: What in life makes a fire burn inside of you?

SS: Travel, art, fashion, clubbing, music, shopping, and having creative, fun and loving people around me.

WTL: What describes you better: daydreamer or realist?

SS: A daydreamer

WTL: Can you describe your personal style?

SS: My style changes from day to day, I love to try different looks.

WTL: How does your home country influence your designs?

SS: I was born in the US. So all things American from all eras, especially Hollywood through the years do inspire me… along with my love for art, movies, fashion and jewellery, since I was a child.

WTL: What do you like to do when you are not designing?

SS: I love to travel. And I love good food, to shop and to read.

WTL: What is your favorite band and what music do you listen to?

SS: I like music from dance to classic, depending on my mood. Actually, I enjoy all types of music…

WTL: What was the last book you read (and liked)?

SS: ‘Gone Girl’ by Gillian Flynn.

WTL: Which movie would you watch again and why?

SS: ‘Down & Out in Beverly Hills’, a classic 80’s fun movie (and I love the fashion in it).

WTL: What is your dream destination you love to travel to?

SSS: South of France, Los Angeles, Dubai and Las Vegas.

WTL: What is your favorite club?

SS: ‘Loulou’s’ in London

Shana, thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us!




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Photo Credit: Robert Aguilar