Coming from an entrepreneurial family, Indian-born and London-based jewelry designer Priyanka Lugani has success running in her veines. She has been brought up in different countries and learned from early on how to float between Eastern and Western cultures with ease…

And although Priyanka has been influenced by differnet nationalities throughout her childhood, her rich Indian heritage is more than visible in her designs, especially in her signature stone ring pieces – the complexity of colors and unique settings of individual stones make each piece a work of art.

Priyanka captures her adventures and customers can buy into her international experiences – from the eclectic markets of Delhi, the vibrant streets of Istanbul to the fashion district of New York.



Priyanka knows what’s-to-wear right now – her knuckle ring or the star hand cuff are equally loved and worn by editors and celebrities such as Keira Knightley. Next season, next must-have, Priyanka will be first…


MEET PRIYANKA – interview

WTL: Who are your (style) icons and who/what inspires you?

PL: My style icons are Audrey Hepburn, Olivia Palermo and Sonam Kapoor and I am inspired by travel, ancient architecture, spirituality and markets & bazaars.

WTL: Which three words sum up what PRIYANKA stands for?

PL: Easy-going. Playful. Mindful.

WTL: How would you describe the signature of your work?

PL: Simple silhouettes with high quality workmanship.

WTL: With which materials do you like to work with the most?

PL: Rose Gold and Semi Precious Stones such as Rubies & Saphires.

WTL: What kind of woman is wearing your jewellery?

PL: A young free spirited intellectual woman that enjoys the fine things in life, such as design and craftsmanship.

WTL: In a dream world, whom do you want to see wearing your designs?

PL: Any woman with class and leadership skills.

WTL: How important are trends? If they are important to you, which ones are this season’s “must-haves” and key trends?

PL: Trends are obviously a very important aspect of fashion and accessories; the need to always be up to date with the industry is crucial. Yet, I really do believe that trying to create your own trends especially for jewellers is more exciting and unique for the consumer. I think this season’s must haves are upper arm cuffs, ear cuffs and ankle bracelets.

WTL: What style advice would you give?

PL: I really believe in being comfortable in what you wear thus I would say to be yourself and always try to be as confident as possible. A pair of black booties are a must have in every girls closet, as well as having an Aamaya by Priyanka star handcuff.

WTL: What are the milestones in your life that have inspired you to become a designer? Did you always want to be a jewellery designer?

PL: I was raised in an entrepreneurial family amongst the textile industry and my parents have always been very fashion forward and globe trotters. So that was definitely the foundation of me wanting to be part of the fashion industry.

WTL: If you could start all over again – what would you do differently?

PL: I think everything is a journey. So, nothing…

WTL: What was the biggest lesson you have learned as an entrepreneur?

PL: To always be independent and to only trust your nearest and dearest. Maybe make it more positive.

WTL: What advice would you give to young designers who want to launch their own label?

PL: To be confident, and never forget that its hard work, and to take things step by step. It is not an easy industry you definitely need to be a hardworking determined person as well as having thick skin for the ups and downs, as there are many!

WTL: Which (fashion) designers have inspired you on your journey?

PL: My favorite fashion designer of all time is Coco Chanel, because her innovative view on women have changed the women of today. Thanks to her today’s woman has the power and possibility to wear whatever she wants, and look as feminine and sexy in a two piece as in dress.

WTL: In a dream world, with which designer would you want to work / collaborate with?

PL: I would love to work with Mary Katrantzou, as her intricate prints and workmanship have always been an admiration of mine.

WTL: What was the best advice someone ever gave you?

PL: To always be confident and appreciate the things you have and to enjoy this moment and not focus on the past or the future.

WTL: You have been born in India, lived in Istanbul, the US etc. – how does this experience translate into your work?

PL: It gives me the opportunity to be influenced by a melting pot of different cultures. It’s an amazing opportunity to be able to experience so many different cultures and for them to be a part of my work.

WTL: What in life makes a fire burn inside of you?

PL: Poems by Rumi & the idea of a soul mate!

WTL: What describes you better: daydreamer or realist?

PL: I am definitely a bit of both. I love to daydream from time to time but when it comes to work I have to be a realist.

WTL: If you could to tell us a story you have never told before, what would it be?

PL: I don’t think I would be able to tell you a story I have never told before because I am really an open book, I love sharing my good and negative experiences with my friends and family.

WTL: Can you describe your personal style?

PL: I love to be a mixture of classy and comfortable at the same time. I like to seam elegant and effortless. Most of my wardrobe is white and I always add a bit of color to my wardrobe. I love to mix and match different prints and textiles as it gives my style a more vibrant look.

WTL: What do you like to do when you are not designing?

PL: I like to go to yoga and see my family and friends. Yoga has reshaped my life and made me understand the link between our mind, body and spirituality better that are crucial to master and understand to be peaceful and happy. We all need a Wednesday evening out with girlfriends!

WTL: What was the last book you read (and liked)?

PL: I love reading and am always reading a few books at the same time. Currently, I am reading Zen Mind Beginners Mind, which discusses the importance of the present moment and how to be consent. I am also reading Thrive by Arianna Huffington and discuss the redefinition of success.

WTL: What is your dream destination you love to travel to?

PL: South America! I want to explore Peru / Uruguay / Guatemala / Argentina.

WTL: What is your favorite restaurant, bar and club?

PL: My favorite restaurant & bar is Sunset & Karakoy Lokaentsi in Istanbul, Lima in London / Masso in Bahrain and Pinocchio in Dusseldorf.

WTL: If you could leave us with one thought, what would it be?

PL: To love my brand Aamaya by Priyanka; I have put my heart and soul in to it. And maybe you will take on some yoga classes whilst wearing my more spiritual pieces.

We will! Thank you for your time, Priyanka…







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