Baby blue and pale pink – how boring. Let us have a serious conversation about rad black and white toddler onesies instead! We talked to Lucky No. 7 founder Risma Bachoe about stylish babies, work-life-family balance (yes, there is time to have it all!) and palm prints…

Risma, a graduate from Amsterdam Fashion Institute, turned her dream into reality earlier this year “already during my studies I knew that someday I want to launch my own clothing line. This was a dream from the beginning!“.

After successfully spending several years in the retail business, it was her son’s birth that triggered off the idea to launch a label for children.

Meet Risma, who lives with her husband Reinder and her children Dewi and Sem in Almere Poort, Netherlands (and don’t forget to check out Risma’s Blog & Instagram recommendations!)



Risma and her team are on a mission. Every three months a new collection will hit the shops. Risma’s promise? To offer comfortable and rad pieces of high quality.



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WTL: You just launched LUCKY NO. 7. What are the milestones in life that have inspired you to do so?

RB: Having a son is definitely a milestone that inspired me to launch a label for boys only, girls allowed. It was always very easy to find cool clothes for my three year old daughter Dewi, but when I wanted to buy clothes for my one year old son Sem, I really couldn’t find trendy but affordable clothing here in the Netherlands. Everything just looked the same and I wanted something different entirely. Therefore, I thought why not launch my own baby/toddler boys collection? A label that is a bit more rebellious and that both of my children could wear at the same time – I just love twin dressing!

WTL: Why did you call it LUCKY NO. 7?

R: I discovered by accident, after the birth of my son on the 7th of July 2013, that the number 7 always keeps returning in my life, in many different ways. Therefore I have decided to call the label Lucky No7. Coincidence does not exist, some things in life are meant to be!

WTL: Which three words sum up what LUCKY NO. 7 stands for?

RB: Rebellious? Just a little bit! Comfort, Cool and Fun.

WTL: What is the label’s signature?

RB: …cool, tough, rebellious and fun clothes for babies and toddlers (boys only, girls allowed!) with a focus on comfort and sustainability. Why should the little fellows not look as tough as the big guys? The idea is to have a small collection with pieces that are easy to mix & match, across all seasons. For me it is key that each collection has “must have”, trendsetting and comfortable pieces – at all times. And that’s as much of a challenge as it is a great adventure.

WTL: So, comfort is key to your brand?

RB: I always say let them be little. Babies crawl, kids are climbing and running. Let them be wild and let them wear comfortable clothes. Denim looks cute, but let’s be honest, for small kids it’s not comfy at all. My children are always complaining when they have to wear denim and say it feels too tight!

WTL: What items are synonymous for LUCKY NO. 7?

RB: A signature piece is for example the little bandit onesie (I try to name each piece either by the print or find something that’s cool and funny). It’s sort of a bandit clothing, which is rad & cute at the same time.

WTL: What kind of mother is buying your label?

RB: Our target group is quite wide, but for sure they are very much into fashion. What’s most important to our customers is the originality, quality and of course our service.

WTL: What do you think are the most important triggers for today’s mothers to buy into a brand?

RB: Originality, quality and service.

WTL: Talking about quality, sustainability comes to mind. What is your take on it?

RB: Sustainability is really important to us as a company and is much more than the materials we choose to work with. We are not fully there yet, but the first steps are made. We only using organic cotton, and are responsible for our employees and the environment. When it comes to the fabrics, we have a very high quality standard. They have to be soft and supple while having a high resistance.

WTL: You are a very young label. Where do you see yourself in the near future? 

RB: We just started in August and we already have 50 stockists worldwide. We aim to double this by the end of this year. We are also planning to open this year a Lucky No.7 pop up store in the Netherlands.

WTL: What are this summer’s “must-haves” and key trends for kids?

RB: A real must have is a comfy onesie and of course palm tree prints. It is all about good vibes & chill times this summer!

WTL: What are your Dos and Don’ts when it comes to dressing / styling kids?

RB: Each kid has his or her own style, so I do not really believe in Dos and Don’ts. But if I had to choose one Don’t, it’s crocs. Although I have to confess that my children are wearing crocs since grandma bought them. The kids love to wear them, but I really don’t like the design at all!

WTL: What’s different today when it comes to kids fashion than a couple of years ago?

RB: Today, it does not always have to be pink and blue. It can be in-between. Fashion for kids is a bit more rad and tough, kids in today’s clothes look more like mini-adults.

WTL: Who is your favorite celebrity kid?

RB: I have to say North West. I like her style…

WTL: Where do you find the best furniture for kids?

RB: Sorry guys, but I have to say Ikea. I love Ikea! It is simple, affordable and fun.

WTL: As an entrepreneur, what are your tips to balance work, kids and family life?

RB: There is time to work and time to have fun. Life is too short, so I always try to create quality time with my kids, husband and friends.

WTL: What do you do that’s just for you?  

RB: With two small children, a company and a husband, it’s really difficult to get some me-time. The only time that’s just for me, myself and I is when I go to the hairdresser (which is like three times a year) or to the gym! I hope that I will have more me-time as soon as the children are going to school.

WTL: My least favorite part of the day is…

RB: … the afternoon, around 5 pm. The children are getting hungry and are super impatient. While I’m cooking, they constantly nag about wanting a piece of the veggies, a piece of the pasta and so on. I guess they just love food!

WTL: Where do you go for inspiration, peace of mind?

RB: There is no place better than home. I love to sit in the garden and sketch while the kids are playing outside (I have to admit that I am not too good at sketching but Jeanine, our Lucky No.7 stylist, always gets my ideas).

WTL: What’s your schedule like on a typical day of work and kids?

RB: Bringing the kids to the daycare, going to the gym, then to work, and back to pick up the kids from the daycare. When we do a mother-kids day, we always go outside. My children have a lot of energy, and if they cannot go outside boredom kicks in and they get really naughty. If it would be up to them, they would play outside from the moment they get up, which is around 6 am!

WTL: How has becoming a mom enhanced you as a businesswoman?

RB: At this moment I’m living my dream and enjoying all the moments in life more than before I was a mother.

WTL: Which entrepreneurial moms do you admire?

RB: I love to see all strong women on top of the world!

WTL: What was the best advice someone ever gave you (who was it)?

RB: “If you can dream it, you can do it!” a quote by Roland Kahn. And yes, I always dreamed about having my own label and now I’m living my dream…

WTL: How important is social media for you and your work?

RB: Social media is a part of my daily job. We post about 3 to 4 times a day. And we also try to inform our customers through social media when we are looking for models, launching a new collection, sales etc.

WTL: What are your top 5 kids blogs?

RB: Babiekinsmag, Ministyleblog, Justbymanon, Mwordmag, and Lapetitemag.

WTL: And your top 5 Instagram accounts you love to follow?

RB: Karolina Henke, I just adore her pictures. Cissy Wears, always much fun! Ministyling, the best sets. Zoardminiboy, our brand rep, always happy, love the funky style of his mom. Modernburlap, cutest baby pictures ever!

WTL: What don’t you like about Instagram?

RB: Copycats can easily copy styles, product and pictures. They don’t have respect for your work, author rights or whatsoever. I really don’t like the idea someone is using our pictures or customer pictures to make a fake profile. This I really don’t understand.

WTL: What do you love about Instagram?

RB: The fact that we can be so close to our customers. I just love our #happyluckyno7customers ! I also like to see all those lovely pictures of all different kind of people from around the world. It really inspires me when I’m preparing a photo shoot for Lucky No.7

WTL: What is your take on kids and technology (educational games on i-pads etc.)?

RB: Digitalization is the future, so I want our children to get used to it.

WTL: If you could leave us with one thought, what would it be?

RB: Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun!

Thank you, Risma, for taking the time!




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Picture Credit: Natasja Noordervliet