Just in time for London Fashion Week, here is one to watch! Meet Chile-born and London-based designer Garbiel Vielma, who started off his career in industrial design in Madrid before moving into fashion.

Gabriel talked to us about the future of fashion, the importance of social media (check out his top 5 Insta accounts), and his muse Lana Del Rey.

Have fun getting to know the man from Chile…



Because his fashion is playful, young, and promising. Let’s watch, wear and see (just a hint: Minnie Mouse and Disney have knocked on his door)…



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WTL: You launched your label in 2014 – can you tell us a bit about the story of your brand?

GV: My brand is all about the empowerment of women in how they dress, inspiring them with my innovative pieces and the stories behind my collections. My style is creating a mixture of structure and drape, experimenting with different fabrics and keeping a fun but elegant quality to it.

WTL: Which three words sum up what VIELMA stands for?

GV: Happy. Fresh. Playful.

WTL: What is your vision for the label?

GV: We are constantly growing our brand. As well as our mainline collection we are launching two very exciting capsule collections to reach different markets in the UK and abroad. Right now, we’re looking forward to showcasing our SS17 collection at London Fashion Week.

WTL: What kind of woman is wearing your designs?

GV: They are independent, vibrant and stylish. I think my clothes appeal to both young and older women, as my designs are quite versatile, I use a combination of texture, shape and pops of color that can look good on anyone at any age.

WTL: In a dream world, whom do you want to see wearing VIELMA?

GV: Minnie Mouse!

WTL: What inspires you?

GV: It depends on my mood; it can be everything or nothing.

WTL: Do you have a style icon or muse?

GV: I love Lana Del Rey… her attitude, her style, her videos. She is very clear about the concept of her work and everything is very focused. I believe in her proposal and that it is true to her.

WTL: What’s your typical design process?

GV: I can never switch off. I’m always looking at inspiration whatever I’m doing and wherever I am. It all gathers in my head and then sometimes when I take my dog for a walk in the park, it all comes together.

WTL: How important is sustainability for you and your brand?

GV: I think sustainability is an important factor in the way I design and run my business and believe everybody has a responsibility to help the environment long term.

WTL: What are your thoughts on the current developments in the fashion industry?

GV: It’s more intense, but it’s very exciting and it means designers are getting closer to the people who want to wear their designs.

WTL: In your opinion, is the fashion industry doing a good job in supporting new and young labels and talents?

GV: I think there are many opportunities around for young talented individuals, especially in London, but it’s a very tough and competitive industry to break into, and you need to bring something unique to what is already out there in the current market.

WTL: Do you have a mentor?

GV: I get a lot of advice and support from Angela Quaintrell. She is a legend in the industry, and has mentored all the top London designers, such as Alexander McQueen. I’m so happy she mentors me and likes what I do.

WTL: How would you describe your personal style?

GV: Casual, easygoing, basic staple pieces mixed together with bombers or leather jackets.

WTL: What style advice would you give?

GV: Everyone should own a leather jacket in his or her wardrobe, because it’s a statement piece you can wear in the summer or winter.

WTL: Who currently is your favorite a) model b) designer c) musician / artist?

GV: My favorite model is Molly Bair because she’s not a stereotypical model of what you would expect, that’s what makes her beautiful. Now, I’m quite obsessed with digital art, for example @Method Studios, I love their work and how it is put together. Of course, it has to be, Lana Del Rey.

WTL: Who is in your opinion to watch right now?

GV: Emma Hartvig, an upcoming photographer, she works well with colors and balance and its very inspiring to see. She also won British Airways High Life New Talent award earlier this year.

WTL: What do you love about London?

GV: It’s a very versatile city and there are new things upcoming all the time in London, compared with Paris and New York. Everybody is quite different, people have their own styles, inspiration, expression of fashion and they aren’t afraid to show their originality and quirky side in what they wear.

WTL: How does your home country, Chile, influence your work?

GV: A lot of people say they can see influences from Chile in my collections. I don’t see it myself, but maybe because I’m naturally from there, it takes an outside perspective.

WTL: How important is social media for you personally and for your work and how do you manage it?

GV: Personally, social media is a very important factor for my business and me, it’s an easy and quick way to communicate and build a connection with my customers and create a strong network with people in the industry. I’m very free with what I put up on social media, it can be an idea, a happy moment, a shoot, an inspiration… my dog, of course.

WTL: What are your top 5 Instagram accounts?

GV: Michel Gaubert, Beagle Freedom, Carine Roitfeld, Instyle UK, Pat Mcgrathreal

WTL: What do you like to do when you are not working?

GV: I work all the time. In the studio, at home, when I’m travelling…

WTL: Can you tell us your favorite dish and recipe?

GV: I eat everything and anything… I love my food, but I really like egg with sausages and ice cream with bananas. But not all together!

WTL: I could not live without…

GV: …my dog Ale, my all black essential wardrobe pieces and a white cotton t-shirt.

WTL: What are the top 5 songs on your playlist?

GV: “Come and get your Love” by Redbone / “Hong Kong Garden” by Siouxsie and The Banshees / “Bam Bam” By Sister Nancy / “Daydream in Blue” by I Monster / “Blue Velvet” by Bobby Vinton.

WTL: What was the last book you read (and liked)?

GV: I’m not really into books at the moment, but I’m starting to read comic books from the 1930’s with characters from Disney.

WTL: Which movie would you watch again and why?

GV: The Cat in The Hat, It’s funny and never gets old.

WTL: What is your favorite restaurant, bar and club?

GV: I don’t have a favorite restaurant as such, but I love Peruvian food. I like going to all kinds of bars, from local to luxury ones. I’m too busy in my studio to go out but when I do I like to get happy, you could say. Sometimes I go to Scotch of St.James, which is my favorite nightclub I like going to with friends.

WTL: If you could leave us with one thought, what would it be?

GV: Wait till you see my new project with Disney.

Thank you, Garbiel, for taking the time and the best of luck during London Fashion Week!




Garbiel Vielma




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