He believes in rainbows and unicorns, rides his electric skateboard down the streets of Beverly Hills, surfs, snowboards and plays guitar. He is a creative mind, an artist, but his tools are made of steel. Dr Justin Yovino is Hollywood’s secret weapon when it comes to plastic surgery. They also call him the “Face God”…

We have met  Dr Yovino and talked about the pressure to look young in LA, what it takes to get red carpet ready, at what age to start with Botox, the best skin care products, and the future of plastic surgery (just a hint: your body fat finally comes in quiet handy).



WTL: Can you please introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your career?

JY: I am a board-certified plastic surgeon and grew up in Florida and attending the University of Miami for medical school and then my residency in General Surgery. In Miami, I spend years perfecting general surgical and reconstructive techniques on trauma victims. I took these talents to Michigan, where I further advanced my skills and artistic approach. During my plastic surgery education and training at Wayne State University, I was fortunate to work with world renown plastic surgeon and innovator, Dr. Ian Jackson.

WTL: In your professional opinion, who has the perfect face?

JY: Megan Fox, Adriana Lima, Jennifer Lopez, and Amber Heard. A face with equal balance in the upper, mid and lower face is more pleasing to the eye. The nose establishes and harmonizes all three and it is important to have a nose that is the right size for the face.


WTL: Can anyone become “perfect” through plastic surgery?

JY: That’s a loaded question… We all strive to achieve perfection, but realistic goals and outcomes are the perfect approach.

WTL: What are the main risks of plastic surgery and softer beauty treatments such as Botox, as unfortunately there still are celebrities, who either all have the same, mask-like features or went through surgery-malfunctions?

JY: There are general risks such as bleeding, infection and wound healing problems and unique risks depending on the specifics surgery. Softer beauty treatments inherently have lower serious risks. I think the patients find the most important risk is the appearance of the outcome. Let me put it into perspective with an example. I had a tiny roof leak in our house. My wife asked the handyman to fix it and after multiple attempts, the roof leak was a lot worse. She finally called a roof specialist, who came and did the job right. You will see people walking around with over inflated lips and too much Botox, but chances are they did not go to a board-certified plastic surgeon. So many people have opened spas or added Botox and fillers to their practice, who have not been properly trained in injectables.

WTL: What does it take to get red-carpet ready?

JY: Glowing skin and a tight body is important for the red carpet. Liposculpting and fat transfer to the breast, buttocks, face and hands can make any celebrity look better. They can achieve a glowing complexion with skin treatments such as facials, micro needling with PRP (platelet rich plasma), Venus Viva (radiofrequency resurfacing) Botox and fillers to soften wrinkles and establish a more inviting youthful appearance.

WTL: What about men – do you see an increase in beauty treatments?

JY: I have definitely witnessed a first hand increase in soft and surgical beauty treatments involving men. Men are becoming equally concerned about the texture of their skin, facial volume loss and wrinkles, and their aging neck and jaw line. Botox, fillers, chin liposculpture and face/neck lifts have increased dramatically in my private practice over the last few years. As far as body sculpting, there is clearly an increase in Liposculpting of the abdomen, love handles and chest.

WTL: You live and work in LA – how high is the pressure to look young, healthy and fit? Can you actually survive in the city without having had plastic surgery?

JY: There is a higher emphasis on beauty in Los Angeles due to the global exposure of our entertainment industry. It may be the epicenter, but it is not alone. My mother lives in Tampa, Florida and seeks to improve the signs of facial aging just as much as anyone in Los Angeles. Survival in Los Angeles without plastic surgery is possible, but why not maintain what you were born with. A dress that you take care of and make needed repairs will look great with time. A dress that you don’t respect will look old and ragged much quicker. This is the same philosophy with your skin. Some people are blessed with great genes and look amazing in their 50’s and 60’s with no work done. But even those individuals can benefit from some maintenance work.


WTL: What sets you apart from other plastic surgeons?

JY: What sets me apart is my bedside manner according to my patients testimonials. I take the time to listen to my patients, speak to them as if they are a family member, and allow them to speak to me the same way. I am also not afraid to tell them “no” when I do not believe it is in their best interest to proceed with a procedure. I am known for facial procedures such as face and neck lifts, as well as body sculpting and fat transfer.

WTL: How much artistry is involved in your work?

JY: My work is a blend of science and art. I see the potential, envision the outcome and deliver the results.

WTL: Are there any new beauty trends and surgery techniques?

JY: The nanofractional, smart scan radiofrequency technology of Venus Viva combined with platelet rich plasma for skin resurfacing and tightening is hot right now. There is little down time and has people flocking to our practice in Beverly Hills.

WTL: What can you predict about the future of plastic surgery and beauty treatments?

JY: The trend for plastic surgery is using your own body fat for your benefit instead of foreign bodies such as implants. For instance, having a natural breast or buttock augmentation using fat from your love handles or thighs instead of using silicone or saline implants. For the face, the fat would replace the need for cheek implants or fillers. In other words, you would rob Peter to pay Paul, or steal from the rich to give to the poor.

WTL: What (minor or major) surgery / beauty treatments should and can every woman do?

JY: Every woman could benefit from maintaining their youthful balance and harmony of their face with simple procedures: Botox, fillers, microneedling, etc.  Improving the quality of their skin, volume restoration, and laxity may need more advance surgical techniques.

WTL: What skin care do you recommend?

JY: The Ideal Skin Care line should contain tretinoin to reduce the appearance of fine lines, hydroquinone to improve skin tone, and sunscreen. We are developing our own private line, so stay tuned!

WTL: When is the best time to start with treatments such as Botox etc.? Is there a “perfect” age?

JY: The time to start with Botox is when you start noticing or becoming concerned with facial aging. That is the time to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist to see what can be done.

WTL: We all just witn essed the hype around Kylie Jenner’s new lips – she went from “no lips” to “full lips” – and the result looks pretty good (compared to many other lip enhancements, that seem too “fake”, too obvious and not in proportion). What is her doctor’s “secret”?

JY: Kylie Jenner looks great and her doctor clearly respected her anatomical boundaries of her lips. This may have been done more gradually instead of the sudden change that the medial portrayed. The doctor kept her top lip smaller when compared to the lower lip and they concentrated the filler more in the “red” part of the lips.

WTL: Why are women increasingly obsessed with surgery? 

JY: There is an acceptance in society on what has become appropriate for graceful aging. Women are obsessed with plastic surgery for many reasons, one component is the pressures brought on by the media. Plastic surgery is not just for the elite crowd anymore, as it has become available to everyone.

WTL: Is it possible to stop the age-clock?

JY: Stopping the clock forever is not possible, but setting back the clock is reasonable within a certain time frame. For instance, look at Demi Moore. She has looked amazing in all of her decades. She looks like herself in her 30’s and has had just enough work done to look graceful and natural.

WTL: Can you please tell us a bit about the man behind the surgery mask – what do you do when you are not working?

JY: When I am not operating, I spend my free time with my wife of 14 years and my two young boys. I love spending time outdoors and you might see me jogging the streets of Beverly Hills or riding to work on my electric skateboard. I love surfing and snowboarding. I am an avid reader of classic novels, love music and concerts, playing my guitar and painting when I have a chance.


WTL: What is your idea of happiness?

JY: My idea of happiness is rainbows and unicorns. But since that is fantasy, family and friends and good health are the foundation of my happiness.

WTL: What is your favorite band and what music do you listen to?

JY: If I only had one band to pick to listen to on a deserted island, it would be the Beatles. I typically listen to alternative rock music with an electronic edge.

WTL: What was the last book you read (and liked)?

JY: Well, I’ve read about 20 novels this past year alone. Tarzan of the Apes, Frankenstein, and 20 leagues under the sea top the list of the most recent. I have to add, that I am a little obsessed with the writings of Hunter S. Thompson. My second son’s middle name is Hunter, named after the late famous author.

WTL: Which movie would you watch again and why?

JY: I’ve watched Blade Runner and Moon many times. These are both modern and original with a spin on science and space.

WTL: What do you love about living in LA?

JY: The weather is outstanding and there is an abundance of architectural and natural eye candy. There is always something new and interesting available to do. 

WTL: What is your favorite restaurant in LA?

JY: I could list restaurants that I frequently enjoy such as Cicconi’s, Craig’s, Toca Madera, Republique, but my favorite is right at home.

WTL: What are your and your wife’s beauty & diet regimes?

JY: We use coconut oil and sunscreen everyday. We make a protein juice for breakfast that we affectionately call “Horsefist.” We strive for portion control, cut out excess sugars, and eat non processed foods. She cooks our meals from scratch with organic ingredients. Frequent exercise and limited alcohol is also key.

WTL: What are the three items you couldn’t live without?

JY: Music, humor and outdoor sports.

WTL: If you could leave us with one thought, what would it be?

JY: Don’t worry be happy!

Dr Yovino, thank you for taking the time!




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